About Valley Supply Inc

Hello! Welcome to Valley Supply Inc. We’re pleased you’re here. Allow us to introduce you to our business.

Valley Supply Inc., located in Mt Vernon, OH, is a top online wholesaler of customer driven gifts and novelty items. As a wholesale distributor for over 37 years, we believe that our customers best understand their individual markets. Valley Supply Inc. carefully assesses customer input to ensure that our products and services meet the specific needs of their stores.

Why Choose Valley Supply Inc.

Here at Valley Supply Inc., we take pride in offering top quality, and best-selling gift and novelty items to locations nationwide, including convenience stores, drug stores, grocery stores, gift shops, airport gift shops, marinas, vape stores, souvenir shops and others. Items like sunglasses, cell phone accessories, energy and weight loss product, and gloves are just a click away. Valley Supply Inc. also carries a full line of CBD Hemp Bombs products for humans and also for their dogs!

Valley Supply, Inc. is featuring the CBD Hemp Bombs line heavily on this site due to its incredible sales success. What sets the Valley Supply Hemp Bomb line apart is the Co2 extraction process that ensures 100% pure and toxin free CBD isolate to ensure maximum benefit. It is guaranteed to be 100% pure CBD and contains no THC. Hemp Bombs CBD from Valley Supply, Inc. are also non-GMO, third party tested for purity and ingredients, and  are competitively priced to maximize sell-through. Hemp Bombs from Valley Supply, Inc. are also manufactured in the USA under strict quality controls. Valley Supply also normally ships orders same day!

Many new items are offered every week and free displays are also available to enhance marketing potential. At Valley Supply Inc., customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We understand that downtime is costly and – that incorrect or incomplete orders have consequences. We pride ourselves on our attention to order details and our quick turn-around time on new orders. In addition, our regularly scheduled, customer-specific servicing keeps our customers’ displays well-stocked. Questions or concerns are always taken seriously and addressed promptly and knowledgeably.

Valley Supply Inc. – Your One Stop Location For Unique Gifts and Novelties

Thank you for taking time to visit Valley Supply Inc. We hope you find our fine selection of gifts and novelties to be appealing to a wide variety of consumers. We value the opinions of our customers and guests and welcome any comments that you might have regarding our products and services. If you would like more information about Valley Supply Inc., our products or our pricing, or would like to place an order, please feel free to contact us. Our toll-free number is 1-888-319-6652.

Thank you for your interest! Valley Supply, Inc. is proud to have been serving our customers’ needs for over 37 years! At Valley Supply, Inc., we focus on what sells!